EBRI 2008 Recent Retirees Survey: Report of Findings

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, EBRI Issue Brief #319, July 2008

From the press release:
Employers have a narrow window of up to two years in which they may be able to change retiring workers’ decisions by offering them incentives to remain with the company, according to results of a survey released today by the nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI).

“Although no single incentive is likely to motivate the majority of retirees to stay longer with their employer, it appears that employers may be able to assemble a toolkit of alternatives that would be effective in retaining substantial numbers of workers,” said a report on the survey, published in the July 2008 EBRI Issue Brief. Steps likely to be most successful are: making workers feel needed, offering them a full or partial pension while working part time, and making seasonal or contract work available.

The timing of the offer of a delayed retirement incentive is important, the survey found. Nearly two-thirds of retirees (63 percent) report that these offers would have been a lot more effective if the retirees had known about them in the two years before they communicated their intention to retire.
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