Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in California: Report No. 1: Heat-Related Illness and Mortality

Source: Public Health Institute

Climate change is a major cross-cutting public health issue that will significantly increase disease burden in California. Some health impacts will be direct, such as injuries that occur during floods, and others will arise from ecological shifts and environmental degradation, such as emergent infectious diseases or exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases due to air pollution. In this report, we focus on heat-related illness and mortality.

The public health risks associated with extreme heat events vary across California’s communities, and among the individuals within communities. Vulnerabilities and capacities change over time. To ensure the state’s public health infrastructure has the capacity to withstand the challenges to health posed by climate change and heat, it is essential to know which communities or populations are most vulnerable and then identify strategies and resources to diminish their risk. Advance planning and intervention will be central in order to prevent illness and death.

Full report (PDF; 4.3 MB)

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