Courage Without Martyrdom: The Whistleblower’s Survival Guide

Source: Tom Devine, Government Accountability Project Legal Director

This item is currently available on four PDF documents for your review and reference:

Courage Without Martyrdom Part 1
Courage Without Martyrdom Part 2
Courage Without Martyrdom Part 3
Courage Without Martyrdom Part 4

The ethical dilemmas facing government attorneys who blow the whistle are confusing and complex. On the one hand, statutes like the Whistleblower Protection Act encourage government employees, including lawyers to serve the public interest by reporting fraud, waste and abuse – but on the other hand, until recently, legal ethics rules forbade lawyers from revealing confidential information acquired during the course of representing a client, which could include the government agency for which the attorney works. An article written by GAP Homeland Security Director Jesselyn Radack provides guidance on how to stay safe when taking this potentially perilous path (note that this article was written prior to Radack joining GAP.)

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