Study of Employee Benefits Trends: Findings from the National Survey of Employers and Employees (6th Annual)

Source: MetLife

The 6th annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends examines the attitudes of an increasingly diverse workforce toward financial and benefits-related issues. The Study also captures the benefits practices and perspectives of both small and large companies across a wide array of industries. Over a one-month period, MetLife surveyed 1,380 full-time employees and 1,652 benefits decision-makers nationwide about employee benefits and marketplace trends.

This year’s results suggest that U.S. workers are increasingly concerned about their financial prospects. The good news is that they are poised to take a more proactive role in planning for their financial future, and are turning to their employers for help.

This represents a prime opportunity for employers to strengthen employee loyalty and achieve greater employee retention. The Study’s findings suggest several possible courses of action available to employers, which are captured in the conclusion to each section as well as through a new feature toward the end of the Study entitled “What Employers Can Do Today.”

Full report (PDF; 1.3 MB)

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