Collection of Human Capital Practices

Source: Chief Human Capital Officers Council

The Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council is pleased to provide its first Collection of Human Capital Practices for the Federal human resource community.

Over the past several years, through the President’s Management Agenda, Federal agencies have made significant improvements in their strategic human capital procedures. As agencies continue to improve their human capital practices, it is critical to share those successes so others may learn from them. The most effective way to collect and showcase agency human capital practices is through the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council. Now entering its fifth year, the CHCO Council is the natural catalyst for identifying, compiling, and sharing human capital strategies within the Federal Government.

This document contains several human capital strategies from a number of agencies on topics including performance management, learning and development, closing competency gaps, and telework. Each individual synopsis was submitted by the agency implementing the highlighted strategy. We identified the agency practices through such means as the 2006 Federal Human Capital Survey, our CHCO Council Training Academy sessions, and the Council’s subcommittees.

Full report (PDF; 8.3 MB)

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