Ohio’s Job Losses: 2000 to 2007 Worst Losses Since the Depression

Source: Dr. Charles W. McMillion, MBG Information Services, February 2008

According to the US Department of Labor, Ohio had -209,400 fewer nonfarm jobs in December

2007 than it had in December 2000. This loss of -3.7% of Ohio’s jobs is the worst seven-year loss in state records that begin in 1939 as the Great Depression was ending. The previous seven-year job loss record was the period ending in 2006 (-3.6% of jobs lost) and before that the record was held for the period ending in 1962 when -3.4% of jobs were lost in the demobilization after the Korean War.

Nine of the state’s thirteen metropolitan areas suffered recent job losses more severe even than Ohio’s statewide losses. Most devastated is the Springfield area, losing -10.0% of its jobs over the last seven years. The other areas with job losses worse than statewide include Canton -8.6% job loss, Dayton -7.6%, Mansfield -6.5%, Youngstown -6.3%, Lima -5.7%, Cleveland -5.5%, Toledo -5.0% and Steubenville-Weirton, OH/WV -3.8%.

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