Report From Massachusetts: Employers Largely Support Health Care Reform, And Few Signs Of Crowd-Out Appear

Source: Jon R. Gabel, Heidi Whitmore, and Jeremy Pickreign, Health Affairs Web Exclusive, Vol. 27 no. 1, November 14, 2007

Based on a 2007 survey of 1,056 randomly selected Massachusetts firms, this paper presents findings about employers’ attitudes about, knowledge of, and responses to recently enacted reform legislation. A majority of Massachusetts employers agree that all employers bear some responsibility for providing health benefits, firms not offering benefits should be required to pay a “fair share” contribution up to $295 annually per employee, and employers with ten or fewer employees should not be exempt from this requirement. Only 24 percent of employers with 3-50 workers are familiar with the Connector purchasing pool. About 3 percent of Massachusetts small employers intend to drop coverage, similar to national figures.

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