Wanted: Smart Money for Tomorrow’s Preschools: NIEER Report Outlines Ways States Can Start to Finance New Facilities

Source: National Institute for Early Education Research, Preschool Matters, Volume 5, No. 4, August/September 2007
(page 10)

Necessity has fueled growth in out-of-home care for young children as workforce participation by both parents grew. As research on programs for children in their preschool years turned up long-term benefits for them and societies that invest in them, something else began fueling the growth– the push for education. That boosted demand for facilities designed to provide rich learning environments. There’s a problem, though. Publicly funded preschool education is growing faster than the development of facilities best suited to providing it. A new joint policy brief from NIEER and the non-profit Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) examines the issues involved in building early childhood facilities and spells out ways public policy can serve as a catalyst for new facilities and help cushion the financial blow for providers.
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