Census Bureau News for New Data on Residents of Adult Correctional Facilities, Nursing Homes and Other Group Quarters

Source: U.S. Census, Press Release, CB07-CN.11, September 27, 2007

New data released today from the U.S. Census Bureau provide the first social and economic characteristic profiles of the people living in group quarters — such as adult correctional facilities, college dorms and nursing homes — in nearly three decades.

“This release marks the first in-depth look at the characteristics of the nonhousehold population since the 1980 Census,” said Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon. “These are important data to understand as decision makers grapple with policies that impact the people who live in these facilities.”

The latest data from the American Community Survey also include profiles of more than 100 race and ethnic group iterations such as blacks, Chinese and Mexicans. In addition, profiles for 72 ancestry groups, from Afghani to Welsh, are also available.

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