Offer Rates, Take-Up Rates, Premiums, and Employee Contributions for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance in the Private Sector for the 10 Largest Metropolitan Areas, 2005

Source: John P. Sommers, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, MEPS, Statistical Brief # 178, July 2007

Employer-sponsored health insurance for current workers is one of the primary sources of health insurance coverage in the United States. According to data from the Insurance Component of the 2005 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS-IC), approximately 97.5 million of the 112.2 million employees from the private sector worked in firms where the employer offered health insurance. Of those employees who worked where health insurance was offered, approximately 61.1 million were enrolled.

In recent years, premiums and employee contributions for employer-sponsored health insurance have risen significantly, while offer and enrollment rates have dropped modestly. These values for employer-sponsored health insurance vary considerably by where one lives and other factors, such as size of firm and industry.

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