Are You Really Covered? Why 4 in 10 Americans Can’t Depend on Their Health Insurance

Source: Consumer Reports, Vol. 72 no. 9, September 2007

You might think you don’t have to worry about paying for medical care if you have health insurance. But you would be wrong. From escalating medical debt to postponed retirement, our exclusive national survey of working-age adults shows the depth of jitters even for those lucky enough to have insurance through their jobs or families.

This report, the first in a series, details how the situation has gotten worse over the past 15 years, since the country last engaged in a full-throated debate about health care. Our experts sifted through the complex issues and talked to people in our survey who said they would be willing to share their stories. Future installments will look at how the health-care system perpetuates unneeded treatments and medications, and will examine the trouble awaiting people who have to go out and find insurance on their own.

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